Matthew Chan

JohnsCreekInfo.com was born out of HOA discussions in Johns Creek, Georgia. During our meetings, HOA board members frequently asked residents to volunteer and help the neighborhood within our community. We were told residents didn’t have to be board members to make a difference in the community. HOA board members readily admitted they didn’t have all the ideas or answers and invited non-traditional ideas. Residents were encouraged to be creative with their ideas.

As residents in a Johns Creek community, my better half and I (along with our two cats, Lexy and Jaggy) tend to lead quiet home lives and generally keep to ourselves. However, I did feel moved to help and volunteer in my own way.

Because so many prior discussions revolved around the idea that HOA rules and policies were put in place to preserve home values (and quality of life) within our community, I realized that EVERY homeowner in our community cares about keeping up with their home’s value, their community, as well as Johns Creek, in general.

With 600+ homes in our HOA subdivision alone, there is no easy way to reach every homeowner. However, this small website with important information shared with a few neighbors, word might travel and residents might periodically visit to stay current on home values and market activity in Johns Creek.

Although this website is originally intended for the 600+ homeowners within our HOA community, there are many subdivisions in Johns Creek within a half-mile radius that might find the information on this website useful. If you are a Johns Creek resident, this website is for you.

Matthew can also be found at: NewHomesAgent1.com and GeorgiaTaxAppealInfo.com.

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